Buying A Home Overview

See all the reasons you should work with a Realtor®

Realtors Add Real Value

First meeting

  • Your Realtor® will explain how agency works and present you with the Working with Real Estate Agents It's important to know your rights!
  • Your Realtor® will start a conversation by asking and analyzing your needs and desires. Be sure to provide your agent with as much information as possible about what is important to you.
  • Knowing how much you can afford is important from the beginning. Your Realtor® will discuss your down payment, current monthly obligations and getting pre-approved.

Searches and Showings

  • Your Realtor® will provide you with his or her local market expertise and schedule appointments for homes that meet your criteria based on your budget.
  • Your Realtor’s access to the MLS provides the most accurate and timely data to identify available properties, saving buyers a significant amount of time and effort.
  • Once potential properties are identified, your Realtor® schedules showings and accompanies you during showings to help assess whether a property meets your criteria.
  • Your Realtor®’s connections will prove to be one of his or her most valuable assets to you. Because of their extensive network, you will be connected with the right lender, attorney, home inspector, and other professionals that you might need to facilitate a smooth transaction.
  • Each home you preview will be unique. Your Realtor® will explain how a particular home fits in the current market based on price, resale attributes and potential pitfalls.

Protecting Your Assets

  • Your agent will provide you with property disclosures, HOA covenants and restrictions, deed restrictions and other potential factors to consider.
  • Once you find the right home, it's time to make an offer. That’s when your Realtor®’s years of negotiation experience are invaluable!
  • Your Realtor® will guide you through determining what inspections you need and help you negotiate any repairs that may arise.

The Road to Closing

  • Your Realtor® will ensure you are prepared for closing by coordinating with your lender, attorney and the seller's agent through the process to limit unexpected surprises.
  • Prior to closing and after the seller has removed belongings, your agent will schedule a pre-closing walkthrough to make certain the property is prepped and ready for your arrival.
  • Reviewing the Closing Disclosure with your Realtor® will help you understand the final required funds due to complete your purchase.
  • You will be advised on how to transfer the funds to the closing attorney, receive a copy of all important documentation and, of course, the keys!

Life After Closing    

  • Your Realtor® will be there for you even after the closing.
  • If you received a Home Warranty, your agent can provide you with all the correct procedures for filing a claim if anything happens and help you understand what to expect for the repair process.
  • Realtors® have the best connections in the industry, and your Realtor® will continue to be your invaluable source of information for all things related to your home.