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Apply for membership in the Canopy Realtor® Association and/or Canopy MLS.  CarolinaMLS has changed its name to Canopy MLS to reflect our expansion! See what’s under the canopy to help grow your business!

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Why use a Realtor®?

Canopy’s “Realtors® Add Real Value” campaign features “247 Reasons why it’s worth working with a Realtor®” – a valuable document to educate consumers on the roles and responsibilities of listing and buyer's agents for both existing home sales as well as new construction.

Discover the Benefits of Working with a Realtor®

Canopy Housing Foundation is the new name for the Housing Opportunity Foundation.  Canopy is symbolic of shelter, which our Association’s foundation is committed to providing through advocacy, education, funding and leadership.

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Canopy Real Estate Institute is the new name for Mingle School of Real Estate. Canopy implies coverage and today we’re more than a school, we’re a real estate institute providing all the coverage you need for your career development and professional growth.

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