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Application Steps

Membership Applications/Forms


Dues and Fees

Electronic Keys

Lockbox Requirements

Cooperating Keys

Application Steps

  1. Download the appropriate application form(s) using the links below.

  2. Complete required paperwork and return it to the association office by mail, fax (980-556-7803), or email.

  3. For those seeking Realtor® Membership, please submit with your application(s) a copy of your valid N.C. or S.C. real estate license or “pocket card.”  To avoid delays in processing your application, please include a copy of the NCREC Broker Activation Form.

  4. Following receipt of your application, a staff member will contact you to discuss fees and schedule your mandatory orientation(s).

Membership Applications/Forms 

Membership category explanations can be found here.

  • Realtor® Membership Application: You must be an active, licensed real estate agent, or a licensed or certified appraiser, to apply for Realtor® membership with Canopy Realtor® Association.

  • Affiliate Membership Application: Affiliate membership is for individuals who are not licensed agents but have a professional interest in the real estate industry, e.g., mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, etc. (Home inspectors may lease an Affiliate Supra Key.) Affiliate members may not access Canopy MLS.

  • Unlicensed Assistant Form: Use this form for the administrative assistants/office administrators working for a member firm who do not hold an active real estate and/or appraisal license.

  • Canopy MLS Subscriber Application: For individuals working for a member firm under the direction of a Designated Realtor®/broker-in-charge (BIC).

  • Canopy MLS Member Participant Application: For individuals opening their own firm and who have been designated by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission (NCREC) as a broker-in-charge (BIC).

  • Canopy MLS Waiver Request: For Realtors® who meet at least one of the seven criteria to be eligible for a waiver of the service. The form must be signed by the agent’s Member Participant.

  • Transfer Request Form: For existing members transferring between firms.

  • Team Request Form: For Member Participants to request a new team ID, and add or remove teammates. Please refer to the Teams and Assistants policy for further information.

Orientation Process

New member applicants are required to complete two separate orientation classes within 90 days of application. Only after completing these orientations will a new applicant receive full Realtor® membership approval and Canopy MLS activation. 

Application and payment must be received before you will be scheduled for orientation. Completed applications can be scanned to or faxed 980.556-7803.

The online Canopy Realtor® Association New Member Orientation/Realtor® Code of Ethics and the MLS GET STARTED orientation are provided in partnership with Real Time Learn.

New Canopy MLS users will receive their MLS Login ID, password and Supra eKEY after completing the Canopy MLS online orientation.

Please read the National Association of Realtors® Code of Ethics, the Canopy Realtor® Association Bylaws, and Canopy MLS Bylaws and Rules and Regulations before coming to class.

Canopy Realtor® Association Dues

Dues schedules for new Realtor® and Designated Realtor® members are shown below.  

For a detailed breakdown of the dues, or for dues schedules for secondary membership, affiliates or non-members, please see the complete Canopy Realtor® Association Dues Schedule

For more information, please contact Membership & Accounting at 704-940-3110.

Join Month


























Canopy MLS Fees

New Member Participants (MP) pay a one-time firm initiation fee of $600 and $75 per month ($225 quarterly).

New Subscribers (SUB) pay a one-time initiation fee of $250 and $55 per month ($165 quarterly).

New MLS Assistants (AST) pay a one-time initiation fee of $25 and $10 per month ($30 quarterly).

MLS Fees are billed on a quarterly basis and upfront costs are based on the orientation class date.  View the prorated fee schedule here.

For more information, please contact Membership & Accounting at 704-940-3110.

Electronic Keys

Canopy MLS provides electronic lockbox system access to members, subscribers and cooperating Realtor® association members.  View the fee schedule here.

Either the Supra electronic system or the SentriLock electronic system is available to agents based upon their geographic location.

Licensed Real Estate Agents

The Current Devices Flier lists all compatible devices with the Supra eKEY software.

Contact the Canopy MLS SentriLock department (828-318-8888) to purchase the SentriCard® and App after completing your mandatory Canopy MLS orientation.

Affiliate Members

If you are an affiliate member (home inspector, radon inspector, pest inspector, structural engineer, etc.), complete the Affiliate Electronic Key Application to lease an electronic Supra key.

Lockbox Requirements

If you are a Canopy MLS Keyholder, or if you have a cooperating key with Canopy MLS and you have a listing in the Canopy MLS system with an electronic lockbox, you must install a Canopy MLS-approved electronic lockbox or combination lockbox on that listing. More than one lockbox may be used. Learn more.

For Supra Keyholders from Cooperating Realtor® Associations

Supra Keyholders from one of the following Realtor® associations or MLSs who wish to cooperate with Canopy MLS should use the following forms: