Canopy MLS

Canopy MLS is a wholly-owned subsidiary corporation of the Canopy Realtor® Association, offering extensive value to Realtors® and to the buying and selling public.

Value to the Consumer

Canopy MLS is the source for the most timely, trustworthy and comprehensive available information for area properties. Participating Realtors® agree to cooperate with all other participating Realtors®, ensuring the interests of the client remain first and foremost throughout the transaction.

Value to Realtors®

Canopy MLS Subscribers and Member Participants use the system to access tens of thousands of residential listings in the Canopy MLS service area, which includes any area or portion of an area in which a Subscriber or Participant may effectively deliver service to a potential client or customer. Canopy MLS gives member Subscribers and Participants the ability to sell, list and/or locate properties for their clients.